Speaking as a 20-year veteran of the guide\outfitting industry, I feel qualified to say that my relatively long career pales in comparison to the lifetime-long careers of Garry and Sandra Vince. They were born into the industry, lived the industry and by the time they both retired, had virtually defined the industry. They were the best. Simple. Fact. The tales they tell of those decades are tales of experience, they did and they done, they are icons speaking...and any hunter would do well to listen!
Jim Schockey

The Garry Vince story began when his family moved in the mid-1940s to Hudson’s Hope, a little village in northeastern British Columbia nestled in the foothills of the Rockies along side of the mighty Peace River. Ranchers, miners, trappers, and outfitters lived and worked in the vast wilderness surrounding this remote village. Wildlife was abundant in the area and the people were rugged and tough. What more could a ten year old ask for?

This community generated the young bushman who became a guide and Outfitter for 40 plus years, as well as a mountain bush pilot. Garry Vince became world renowned for his first class Stone’s sheep hunting operation. He was the first appointed Canadian president of the leading mountain sheep conservation group, the Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, based in Cody, Wyoming.

As an International Hunter he traveled on 12 major safaris to the African continent including Mozambique 1974 and Angola 1975 both considered the crown jewels of Africa.
His travels included Botswana 1978, Sudan, 1981 & 1983, Tanzania, twice in 1985, Ethiopia 1988, Zimbabwe 1991, Tanzania, Christmas 91/92, Central African Republic 1996, South Africa and Zambia 1998, Jaguar in Venezuela 1987. Garry Vince was named Safari Club International’s North American Professional Hunter of the year in 1996.

In the quest for the super slam of wild sheep he traveled to Russia, Siberia, China, Mongolia, Iran and around North America. His experiences are documented in this book. A meticulous diary of his life on the adventure trail and his outstanding eye for detail and frank, if crusty outlook on the outfitting industry gives a fascinating portrait of life in northern British Columbia and travels around the world.

Vince worked long winters and summers in the oil and gas industry, and with his family built the Ranch and their outfitting business, always conscious of the fact that outfitters are conservation stewards of their hunting block. This story about life as an outfitter, trapper and of raising a family on their remote Muskwa River Ranch in the heart of game rich Chinook country in the Rocky Mountains of Northeastern British Columbia is a testimony to dreams and to dreams fulfilled.